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Mary “Katie” Engle is part of a new era of young and creative makeup artists who are transforming the makeup industry. After several years in the makeup industry, she is quickly becoming one of central PA’s best makeup artists. If you want the “Celebrity Treatment,” then Makeup by Mary “Katie” Engle is prepared to provide you with the same high quality HD makeup that is used on the Hollywood stars.


Mary “Katie” Engle started out in the photography industry over seven years ago practicing makeup and growing a taste of making others look and feel more beautiful. Learning to hone her skills in front of the camera has caused her to develop a unique sense of perfection and flawless application. Over the years, her taste has grown into a passionate love for making others look and feel amazing. She has devoted her life to the beauty industry with lots of experience on commercial sets, magazine shoots, TV and film sets.


Mary “Katie” Engle’s skills have come to stand out as a result of her dedication to perfection and her love for her clients. In front of the camera, her makeup applications make not only the visions of her commercial clients come to life, but also those of her bridal clients. She has a unique compassion and understanding of the needs of each client and┬ástrives to create perfection every time.


Mary “Katie” Engle currently lives in Central Pennsylvania with her loving animals and supportive family and friends nearby. She continues to grow her business and strive to help all women look and feel as beautiful as they can be. She believes that everyone should have the chance to feel like a celebrity and have the confidence to make all their dreams come true.